The Committee on Resident Wellness (CReW) is formed by residents for residents in order to advocate for resident wellness as described below. As a fairly new entity at McGill, our goals are flexible and constantly adapted to the needs of residents as perceived by residents and CReW members.


That residency at McGill is experienced as an inclusive environment which values and promotes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of residents.


Our work is guided by our commitments to:

Inclusiveness - We value diversity

Advocacy - For residents' rights and wellbeing

Openness - We welcome your participation and ideas

Accessibility - Just email us or join us on the committee!


To promote resident wellness through:

  • Organizing social or sport events
  • Organizing workshops to improve life skills
  • Providing practical affordable resources for residents
  • Promoting awareness regarding potential maltreatment or conflictual experiences and the associated reporting procedures
  • Offering support from CReW members