ARM Board 2019 - 2020

Executive Board

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President: Dr. Annick Bérard-Giasson

VP Internal Affairs: Dr. Judy Cai

VP Treasurer: Dr. Catherine Liu

VP Union Affairs: Dr. Sofia Nene

VP CAP Specialty: Dr. Klara Meierer

VP CAP Family Medicine: Dr. Hélène Babakissa

VP Wellness: Dr. Zoya Chaudhry

VP Events: Dr. Christian Diab

VP CPEM: Dr. Majd Mustafa



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Family medicine

surgical specialties

  • Dr. Jason Corban (Orthopedics)

  • Dr. Francis Petrella (Urology)

  • Dr. Sanah Alani (ObGyn)

Medical Specialties

  • Dr. Justin Tabah - Internal Medicine

  • Dr. SLydia Zhang - Clinical Immunology and Allergy

  • Dr. Yasi Xiao - Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Camille Duranceau - Pediatrics


  • Dr. Aline Khatchikian - Radiology

  • Dr. Kyle Greenway - Psychiatry

  • Dr. Brian Tran - Anesthesia


site chiefs

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If you would like to get in touch with a site chief directly, please click on the corresponding site chiefs' name for their email address.


SMH - Saint-Mary's Hospital   Dr. Sarah McBoyle, Dr. Talia Abecassis

Jardin Roussillion   Dr. Sarah Power

Val d'Or   Dr. Katherine Rodriguez Rodriguez

de La Montagne   Dr. Émilie Ma

Hull / Gatineau (CHVO)    Dr. Catherine Bérubé



JGH - Jewish General Hospital     Dr. Aharon Silberman

MNI - Montreal Neurological Institute    Dr. Dina Namiranian

Douglas Hospital    Dr. Marie Fournier

GLEN - RVH - Royal Victoria Hospital     Dr. Alex Al Khoury

GLEN - MCH - Montreal Children's    Dr. Dina Namiranian

MGH - Montreal General Hospital     Dr. Jason Khoury

Shriners Hospital for Children     Dr. Magdalena Tarchala