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TOPICS-  Special Project Fund, Wine Tasting

  1. Events: Wine tasting
  2. Events: RBC sponsored dinner
  3. Special project fund
  4. MUHC corporate discounts: Rogers cell phone plans
  5. Events: FMRQ Career Day
  6. MUHC daycare

(1) Wine tasting 

Reminder that the ARM wine tasting event will take place SOON, with a guided tour, wine tasting and a few surprise activities! Details are below:

  •  What: Guided wine tour of the highly rated L'Orpailleur winery. There will be indoor/outdoor activities, so we will be going come rain or shine.  
  • Where: L'Orpailleur Winery (1086 BRUCE, Dunham, QC). Transportation is self-organized.
  • When: Saturday Oct 3rd at 12:00
  • Cost: The first 20 people who sign up are covered by the ARM! For anyone who signs up thereafter will be receive a subsidized rate. Significant others are welcome as well. Sign-up using this link attached.

(2) RBC dinner: Money and Medicine Dinner- Structuring your Finances and Practice

You are cordially invited to an informative presentation on how to properly structure your finances during the first few years of your medical career. Come and learn about the best practices which will help you get off on the right foot!

During the evening, the following topics will be addressed:
Debt management
Tax planning and income tax
Medical accounting
Disability and life insurance
RBC's tailored investment strategy for doctors
A complementary, informative dinner will be held November 4th by RBC Dominion Securities. First 20 people to register will have a spot- limited Seating
Register here

(3) ARM Special Project Fund

GOAL: to promote the betterment of resident life by helping residents with limited available funds to organize activities encouraging resident well-being, social activities, and overall quality of life as it relates to residency training.

For further information, please refer to this or contact our ARM treasurer Fiona Pinto at for more information. The application that is attached is due October 5th, 2015.

(4) MUHC corporate discounts: Rogers cell phone plans 

Rogers cell phone and plans: take advantage of the 30% discount on your plan offered to the healthcare field, go to
User: vangy
Pass: mobile

Get 1GB and unlimited Canada-wide calling for as little as $35.40 before taxes!

More information and other discounts can be accessed on the MUHC intranet

(5) Events: FMRQ Career Day

This is a reminder that the annual FMRQ Career Day is this Friday, October 2, 2015. For more information and sign up, please visit their website.You are released from duties from 10:30 - 19:00. Consult our events page for more info and directions.

(6) MUHC daycare

A daycare spot is available for a 4 year old child at the MGH. Please contact Maria Cotsomitis at 514-934-8069 for further information.